First Announcement

Ukrainian Association on Information Processing and Pattern Recognition (UAsIPPR), UNESCO/IIP International Research/Training Centre for Information Technologies and Systems, NAS Hlushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences declare the Fifth in series of All-Ukrainian International conferences focussing on the theory and applications of Signal/Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

The conference will be held on November 27 till December 1, 2000 at the Cybernetic Centre, Prospekt Akademika Hlushkova 40, Kyjiv, Ukraine

The conference program will include oral presentations and poster/demonstration sessions with time for discussions of the issues raised. Social events will allow for additional informal interactions.


Programme Committee

Vintsiuk Taras (Chairman) (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Bondarenko Mykhajlo (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Gimel'farb Georgij (Auckland, New Zealand)
Havryliuk Ol'ha (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Hlavac Vaclav (Prague, Czech Republic)
Hrytsenko Volodymyr (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Hrytsyk Volodymyr (L'viv, Ukraine)
Dragan Jaroslav (L'viv, Ukraine)
Ivakhnenko Oleksij (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Javors’kyj Ihor (L'viv, Ukraine)
Kozhemjako Volodymyr (Vinnytsia, Ukraine)
Kuc Roman (New Haven, USA)
Kulias Anatolij (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Kunchenko Jurij (Cherkasy, Ukraine)
Kussul' Ernst (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Kyrychenko Mykola (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Lobanov Boris (Mensk, Bielarus')
Mokrzycki Wojciech (Warsaw, Poland)
Omel'chenko Viktor (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Predko Konstantin (Mohyliov, Belarus')
Rashkevych Jurij (L'viv, Ukraine)
Rybak Vitalij (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Schlesinger Michail (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Shabanov-Kushnarenko Jurij (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Sirodzha Ihor (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Starovoitov Valerij (Mensk, Belarus')
Tretiak Oleh (Philadelphia, USA)
Vasyl'jev Volodymyr (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Vlasenko Viktor (Odesa, Ukraine)

Organising Committee

Vintsiuk Taras (Co-Chairman) (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Hrytsenko Volodymyr (Co-Chairman) (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Havryliuk Ol'ha (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Kulias Anatolij (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Matsello Vjacheslav (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Krakovs'kyj Volodymyr (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Tymofijeva Nadija (Kyjiv, Ukraine)
Sazhok Mykola (Kyjiv, Ukraine)

Submission of Papers

Participants should submit such materials:

1) a Registration Form for every participant with indication of surname, name and patronymic, scientific degree and rank, position, place of work, address, phone and fax numbers and e-mail address;

2) a Paper Abstract in English of no more than 1000 characters which will be placed on the WWW-page of the UAsIPPR;

3) 4 copies of camera-ready full paper in Ukrainian or English (4 A4 pages) for review and publication – for those who want to be authors of the Proceedings. To prepare your camera-ready copy follow instruction for the authors.

Deadline for submission of the materials is 1st September 2000. Please indicate the topic area of interest closest to your submission. Electronic submission of abstract and registration form is obligatory. We can handle ASCII- and MS Word files.

The notifications of acceptance or rejection will be mailed out until 1st of October 2000. Camera-ready full papers will be published and the Proceedings will be distributed at the Conference.

Registration Fee

Registration fee is $20 for each participant from Ukraine. Registration fee should be sent before the 20th of October to Payment Account of UAsIPPR No 260051991 in AKB "Perkombank", MFO 321712. The Association ID is 19351446. Bank address is: 17 Petra Sahajdachnoho street, Kyjiv 04070 Ukraine. In the money transfer order should be pointed "Registration fee for participating in the conference UKROBRAZ-2000" and the surname and initials of the participant as well.

Registration fee for participant from the states of the New Independent States (NIS), Eastern and Central Europe is $50, and $100 for participant from the other countries. Foreign participants should pay the fee at arrival.

The fee includes organising cost, conference proceedings, meals and social events.


Taras Vintsiuk
Speech Science and Technology Department
UNESCO/IIP International Research/Training Centre for Information Technologies and Systems
Mail: NAS Cybernetics Centre
40 Prospekt Academika Hlushkova
Kyjiv 03680
+380 44 266-4356
Fax: +380 44 266-1570


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Under construction

Last Updated: 25 Jun 2000